Innovation from one source

Innovation from one source
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Security specialist CIBORIUS supports its customers with robot-assisted full services. By smartly linking skilled workers, security technology and robots, the Berlin-based company is countering skilled labour shortage in the industry.

Security and property protection is currently undergoing fundamental changes. Personnel-intensive business models are increasingly reaching their limits and are being replaced by a smart interaction of skilled workers, security technology and AI-enabled robot systems. What was only a vision for a long time is now reality. The combination of high-performance processors, energy-efficient control technology and lightning-fast data transmission is leading to ever more rapid development in robotics. Networked robot-based safety solutions allow unprecedented precision and efficiency in monitoring, measuring and reporting.

New standards of digital transformation and robotics

CIBORIUS and its cooperation partner Security Robotics are setting new standards and are taking the lead in terms of digital transformation and robotics. Security Robotics offers a portfolio of different security and service robots that can be individually programmed and integrated into any existing security system. In the process, external components such as sensors, cameras or even entire guard protection solutions such as the WatchDome video tower (GT.AI GmbH) are easily integrated into the customised security architecture by means of proprietary interface software. This results in a high-performance system that, compared to traditional guard protection solutions, requires significantly less personnel. Staff-saving security solutions are CIBORIUS' direct response to the devastating shortage of skilled security personnel. Due to demographic change, service providers have fewer and fewer qualified workers at their disposal. In addition, the strenuous and sometimes monotonous tasks combined with unattractive working hours lead to high fluctuation rates. Currently, around 11,000 positions are unfilled in property protection alone, and the trend is rising.

Significant quality gain and cost reduction

With robot-assisted security solutions from CIBORIUS, staff is only needed in positions that involve situation analysis, decision-making and interpersonal communication. These include control centre management, crisis management and direct offender approach on site. All other guarding, measuring and reporting tasks are taken over by smart robots, which can perform their tasks many times more effectively and efficiently. All data collected by them is passed on in real time to the control centre, where specially trained personnel evaluate it and initiate appropriate measures. This productive combination of skilled personnel, technology and artificial intelligence leads to both, a significant increase in security and a crucial reduction in costs

Capital-saving rental and leasing models

To ensure that robot-based security concepts can be adopted by customers as quickly and easily as possible, the CIBORIUS Group, together with its cooperation partner Security Robotics, offers capital-saving rental and leasing options. In this way, customers and service providers can finance the use of state-of-the-art robot technology from their current operating costs and do not have to go through lengthy approval procedures for capital expenditure. CIBORIUS is convinced that digital transformation will only succeed if feasibility and profitability go hand in hand.

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