With Experience & Competence - Ciborius Security Supports DEKA Event Series

With Experience & Competence - Ciborius Security Supports DEKA Event Series
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Reception services are part of the classic portfolio of a modern security and service company. It is CIBORIUS Security's self-image to provide these core services nationwide in equally high quality for the customer.

As proof and example of the correctness of this approach, we would like to briefly highlight a project that was successfully carried out a few days ago.

Whether it's a one-day event, a congress or a roadshow - CIBORIUS provides comprehensive support, with security!

DEKABank is a renowned credit institution that has been courting professional investment and pension opportunities from Frankfurt a.M. and Berlin for more than 100 years. And so it is no wonder that DEKA chose CIBORIUS as its service provider in order to benefit from their experience and regional presence.

In May and June 2022, customer events for selected invited guests were held at no less than 9 DEKA Group locations. The challenge here was to plan and deploy staff very quickly, nationwide and in the necessary numbers. A task that was realised centrally from Frankfurt a.M. by project manager Mr. Richter and implemented by several highly trained security specialists at each location on a full-time basis.

With an eye for detail - CIBORIUS is your trustworthy partner

Integer, correct and with a friendly smile, our reception staff took over the complete event management process from the first "hello" to the farewell. With a great deal of experience and a confident demeanour, we ensured that everything ran smoothly, taking care of greetings, admission checks, the handing over of visitor passes and, finally, the securing of the event itself.

We assisted the guests in a friendly and competent manner and received a lot of praise and recognition from our client DEKA.

Do you also have an event that you would like to have professionally supervised? Then find out more about our services and possibilities. We look forward to hearing from you!

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