Contactless fever screening

Especially during a pandemic, it is vital to quickly identify people who are suffering from fever. Because fever is one of the most common symptoms of contagious diseases such as COVID-19. CIBORIUS offers a modern and effective method to check for fever from a distance – with camera-assisted contactless fever screening for up to five people simultaneously. It works quickly and is particularly useful in potential hotspots – especially now that public life is starting to resume and people can gather in larger numbers again, for instance in factories, at entry points in offices, at exhibition centres and stadiums, on public transport, at universities and schools.

Contactless fever screening is also essential in places that house at-risk groups, such as nursing homes, old people's homes and hospitals, because many illnesses manifest themselves through fever symptoms. In certain cases, a quick and efficient temperature measurement can even end up saving lives.

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CIBORIUS Fiebermessung mit Kamera
CIBORIUS-Service ermöglicht Fiebererkennung auf Distanz. Da zu häufigsten Symptomen von COVID-19 Fieber gehört, kann eine schnelle und effiziente Fiebermessung von größeren Menschengruppen bei der Identifizierung von Erkrankte auf Distanz helfen. Zu den Einsatzbereichen gehören die Zugangskontrollen in Fabriken, Geschäften und Büros. Weitere Bereiche sind öffentlichen Verkehrsmittel, Schulen und Universitäten, Alten- und Pflegeheimen sowie Krankenhäuser – überall hier können die Geräte sinnvoll eingesetzt werden.

Instant fever screening from a distance

When performing conventional fever checks, a safe distance of 1.5-2 metres cannot be maintained. Contactless fever screening from CIBORIUS does ensure this safety, as it scans the body temperature of up to five people at once from a range of up to 2 metres. This prevents the build-up of long queues and avoids crowds of people that could increase the risk of infections.


Your benefits from contactless fever screening:

  • Instant and precise temperature measurement
  • Screening from a safe distance
  • No waiting times at events
  • Simple set-up on site

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