Personal and baggage screening

Some locations and events require particularly stringent security measures. These include airports, public authority buildings and major events. Here, large numbers of people and their bags need to be rapidly screened. CIBORIUS takes care of this personal and baggage screening – with certified personnel and state-of-the-art security technology. Our teams perform attentive, courteous and professional checks. With strict quality management and certificates, we ensure that customers, guests and passengers feel valued and safe at all times.

CIBORIUS protects trade fair venues and buildings belonging to the judiciary and correctional institutions of the state and federal government. Stadium operators also rely on our help to ensure that sporting events run smoothly and without incident.

Personen- und Gepäckkontrolle durch CIBORIUS

Our personal and baggage screening measures include:

  • Personal screening
  • Baggage screening
  • Access control and ID checks for personnel
  • Operation of security technology
  • Goods inspection

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