Refugee and asylum seeker accommodation

CIBORIUS takes care of security and a pleasant atmosphere at refugee accommodation throughout Germany – at initial reception centres, decentralised accommodation, collective accommodation centres and federal state initial reception centres. Based on years of experience, we know about the particular atmosphere, potential tensions and challenges that may arise at these facilities, and we help to make life as pleasant as possible for all residents. People from all over the world live here, different cultures encounter one another – often for the first time – and all are united by the hope for a better life while having to cope with an uncertain situation. Often the residents have no choice but to occupy themselves on a daily basis.

But CIBORIUS gets involved from an early stage – with an all-round approach that creates a positive environment and deescalates tensions. Because when we manage refugee and asylum seeker accommodation, we think holistically – with a well-structured programme of activities to suit every age group, ethnicity and set of needs.

Betreibung von Flüchtlings- und Asylunterkünften

Security, catering and general problem-solving

Since 2014 we have been gaining valuable experience with our successful concepts. We work with our clients to develop a specific plan for each facility, depending on the residents' needs. Children and young people in particular receive tailored support – from help with homework to childcare. Thanks to our sister companies CIBORIUS Facility Service GmbH and DASM Deutsche Akademie für Sicherheits- und Managementausbildungen GmbH, we ensure that everyone gets along smoothly. DASM is our own training and qualification academy. Our staff undergo special courses and training tailored to their deployment in refugee accommodation.

In this way, we guarantee that every employee working at these facilities learns intercultural skills and is able to de-escalate tensions when necessary. And for CIBORIUS, security also means that we take care of the residents' organisational and social needs. Since 2015 we have been looking after large needs-based initial reception centres throughout Germany, with over 750 employees performing social, security and cleaning services. On a daily basis, our extensive experience helps us to quickly identify emerging problems and intervene proactively. In this respect, it is of great benefit that our employees speak the respective languages of the residents. Meanwhile, our trusted canteen kitchens provide full or partial catering – naturally with culturally appropriate meals.

Social participation from the outset

Every accommodation facility is different – from the set-up of the property to its residents. CIBORIUS creates tailor-made concepts with the primary goal of promoting social participation and a pleasant living environment among the residents. When called for, we establish places where people in need of protection can live with dignity – through rental, leasing or purchase agreements.

Take advantage of our experience in the following areas:

  • Collective accommodation centres
  • Decentralised accommodation
  • Federal state initial reception centres
  • Initial reception centres

We manage facilities that house up to 6,000 people. The number of residents that CIBORIUS Group has taken care of at a variety of facilities across Germany now runs to over 10,000. Our subsidiary Ciborius Facility ensures that our residents particularly benefit from:

  • Catering
  • Provisions
  • Language mediation
  • Integration / career counselling
  • Leisure activities
  • Childcare
  • Structured support
  • Everyday assistance

Our services at a glance

  • Tailored concepts for initial reception centres
  • Individual, proven strategies for operating collective accommodation centres for refugees and asylum seekers
    These include:
    - Specially developed software for effectively and systematically implementing our quality management
    - Accommodation arrangements, everyday assistance, language mediation and security services
Betreibung von Erstaufnahmeeinrichtung

Our partnership with local and state authorities

Thanks to our extensive experience with refugee and asylum seeker accommodation, we are trusted by numerous authorities and municipalities:

  • Federal Agency of Migration and Refugees
  • Berlin | State Office for Refugee Affairs
  • Baden-Württemberg | Regional Council of Freiburg
  • Baden-Württemberg | Regional Council of Stuttgart
  • Baden-Württemberg | Regional Council of Karlsruhe
  • Hesse | Regional Council of Gießen

We tackle the specific challenges of COVID-19

Currently and in the future, the pandemic demands extraordinary measures in almost every area of our lives. That is why we provide training and protective measures to ensure that our staff are professionally and technically up to date and can implement hygiene measures and regulations consistently while giving clear instructions to residents – this also includes contactless fever screening at a distance.


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