Securing open spaces and properties

with sensors and radar-camera system

The best way to secure premises and buildings is by using advanced technology to assist with monitoring and detection. CIBORIUS offers perimeter security using the latest generation of cameras, radar systems and sensors. Fences with alarm technology ensure that the perimeter is optimally protected - in addition, any incident is automatically reported to the connected emergency and service control centre.

Added layer of security: where it makes sense, the alarm and access systems can be networked with CIBORIUS Robotics. Using smart connectivity, the robots can work alongside their human colleagues or entirely autonomously. They also call for support in situations where it is required.

Freilandsicherung und Objektsicherung

Uninvited guests are detected immediately, thanks to state-of-the-art sensors:

  • Tension wire systems reliably detect attempts to climb over or penetrate your fence system
  • Optionally, cost-effective current loops can be added to integrate external components
  • Laser and infrared sensors detect perimeter penetration from a large distance
  • Acceleration sensors measure the mechanical forces acting on your fence system
  • Microphone cable technology detects large-scale manipulation of your fence system

CIBORIUS offers both infrared cameras and swivelling cameras that can monitor every angle 24 hours a day - even in pitch darkness, of course:

  • Infrared cameras record video footage from long distances and provide an immediate evaluation of the images captured.
  • Radar sensor systems detect the movements of potential threats from a distance with pinpoint accuracy
  • Mobile camera towers, fitted with the appropriate equipment, can capture everything within a 360-degree radius at any location
  • Swivelling cameras capture specific objects in combination with sensor systems; in addition, they offer greater surveillance potential with the use of fewer cameras

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