Ciborius Security takes over highly sensitive security area for Federal Ministry

Ciborius Security takes over highly sensitive security area for Federal Ministry
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The handling of such a highly demanding project as the 24/7 security of the extensive Federal Ministry with more than 60 security professionals is an enormous challenge for any security service provider.

Increasing customer demands are countered by the ever more obvious shortage of skilled workers. Therefore, it is not a matter of course but an expression of organisational expertise to provide trained personnel in adequate numbers.

Thanks to personnel and time flexibility and a pool of highly qualified staff, the CIBORIUS Group is able to cover all forms of decentralised events with a consistently high level of service and, at the same time, meet the demands of major projects for renowned clients with an impressive number of employees.

No experiments, no compromises - CIBORIUS stands for quality at the highest level

Serving ministries at federal level is one of our most demanding tasks, because it is not enough to "just" provide competent & friendly security and reception staff, we have to meet the highest requirements. As proof of our competence, our reference portfolio includes numerous embassies, consulates general and German authorities.

CIBORIUS guarantees you highly qualified personnel - despite a shortage of skilled workers

But it is not only experience that makes the difference. Staff employed must confirm their integrity and trustworthiness by means of an extended security check (SÜ2), a requirement which we naturally meet. In addition, only a minimum of one "certified protection and security officer" from the Chamber of Industry and Commerce may work in this highly sensitive area of the Federal Ministry.

Our skilled workers are enabled to do this by a sophisticated and professional personnel strategy and the involvement of the DASM Academy, a specialist for practical training and education, from targeted acquisition to employee retention concepts and further education programmes.

In this way, CIBORIUS employees can give their best every day, at any time, and master all challenges, today in a Berlin federal ministry and possibly tomorrow at your location.

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