Property protection: Everything from a single source: analysis, concept, implementation

Professional property protection secures your buildings & assets with modern presence & remote surveillance, access control and preventive security measures

Property protection of the CIBORIUS Group
Certified quality

Stores, banks and institutions: CIBORIUS protects against targeted attacks and vandalism

Targeted attacks or blind vandalism on stores, banks, car dealerships, company buildings, authorities and institutions – CIBORIUS knows how to prevent them. We guard extensive industrial sites, courthouses, locking services, precinct services, alarm tracking and provide vacation security. Our portfolio also includes the surveillance of public buildings and private properties. Thanks to our work, unauthorized persons cannot gain access to your premises and buildings.

We also guard museums with priceless works of art. Depending on the customer’s requirements, we are either permanently or regularly on site, maintaining a presence and carrying out inspections.

Our services include construction site security, locking services, vacation security, patrol services and alarm tracking.

At a glance: Our property protection measures

  • Risk assessment as part of the safety analysis
  • Development of individual security concepts
  • Experienced and qualified personnel, from consultants to security staff on site
  • Permanent or regular presence
  • Access controls + day & night patrols
  • Reception services
  • Alarm tracking
  • Electronic monitoring with state-of-the-art technology

Personnel & technology: technology and personnel deployment in harmony

Property protection is diverse and includes a wide range of security-related tasks, such as Patrols, surveillance, access control, searches, reception services, which can come into play depending on the property and security concept. The CIBORIOUS experts are your security barrier between “outside” and “inside” and can bring their experience, qualified knowledge and modern technology into play in equal measure.

Training courses at the in-house DASM Academy provide the necessary know-how, while the technical equipment is supported by experts from GT.AI, among others. This is how property protection works at the highest level.

Satisfied customers

Video: Security checks in property protection

Video: Mobile security services for property protection

Our locations: property protection with experience

Property protection is a core business of the CIBORIUS Group. We can therefore draw on experience from hundreds of projects and an in-depth understanding of your requirements. Talk to us.

Property protection – FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Why is property protection important?

Property protection minimises risks such as burglary, theft and vandalism, ensures security for people and assets and maintains business continuity. It also helps to maintain the company’s image and ensure compliance with legal regulations.

What does property protection actually involve?

Property protection includes the physical security of buildings and assets through surveillance, access control, patrols and the deployment of security personnel. Individual risk analyses are also created to identify specific threats.

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