Sports and event security: We secure your events, concerts, sporting events and more

CIBORIUS guarantees that your sports events, concerts, trade fairs, major events and festivals run smoothly. We protect you, participants and guests and offer a tailor-made combination of personnel and technology.

Event security from the CIBORIUS Group
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Security for major events: Focus on experience, planning and cooperation

Where large groups of people come together, safety is paramount. Thanks to years of experience, CIBORIUS can guarantee this security – for concerts, sporting events and major events of all kinds. We make sure that no one gains unauthorized access, that there are no escalations and that there are no violent disturbances. Our security personnel take care of the protection of the event site, the participants, the visitors and the organizers.

To ensure that everything runs smoothly, we work closely with our customers right from the planning stage and also take fire protection, escape route planning and emergency plans into account when drawing up our concept. Depending on the event, this may also include consultations and preliminary inspections with public order offices, the police or the fire department. In this way, we can prevent mass panics and accidents in the best possible way.

At a glance: Our event protection measures

  • Comprehensive planning of the event area (positioning of stages, stands, etc., barriers, road closures, positioning of personnel, fencing, escape and rescue routes)
  • Preventive measures for fire safety and to avoid mass panics and accidents, taking into account legally binding requirements
  • Cooperation with authorities, emergency services and the fire department
  • Bag and identity checks
  • Protection of participants and visitors
  • Provision of rescue personnel
  • Evacuation and confident intervention in an emergency
  • Contactless fever measurement

Planning & personnel: coherent concepts, resilient and affordable

From concept to implementation – we stay by your side

In our experience, the more well thought-out the planning, the smoother the implementation. We are at your side as consultants from the outset and determine together which measures we will initiate. We position our security staff effectively on site – so they fulfill two tasks: Firstly, it increases visitors’ sense of security, and secondly, potential troublemakers are directly deterred. This also includes speedy bag and identity checks at the entrance. And if necessary, CIBORIUS security personnel will exercise domiciliary rights and expel unauthorized persons from the premises.

With CIBORIUS, every event is sure to be a success

Event security is a multifaceted topic in which, depending on the type of event, many dozens of employees may be involved. Teamwork, understanding of processes, responsiveness and good training are therefore crucial.

Our employees receive intensive and wide-ranging training at our own academy, DASM (Deutsche Akademie für Sicherheits- und Managementausbildungen GmbH), and are masters of their trade.

Satisfied customers

Event security: CIBORIUS event security – we do it!

Our locations: Event protection nationwide

We can refer to expert knowledge from thousands of events and therefore know exactly what is important. Whether a regional event or a world-class event, we support you!

Event security – FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

What role does evacuation planning play?

Evacuation planning is crucial in the event of an emergency and includes clear labelling of escape routes, staff training and regular evacuation drills. We liaise closely with the emergency services and authorities right from the planning stage and also coordinate regularly during the event. If necessary, action can be taken quickly and calmly.

How is the safety of event participants ensured?

The safety of participants is guaranteed by professional security personnel, technical security measures, preventive planning and targeted training. This also includes the regular inspection of emergency exits and escape route plans.

What tasks does event security cover?

Event security includes tasks such as access control, surveillance, conflict management, evacuation planning and general security. This also includes coordination with emergency services and the implementation of first aid measures.

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