Security analysis: Holistic security assessment for optimum protection

The CIBORIUS Group offers comprehensive security analyses that are individually tailored to your needs. You can rely on our expertise.

Security analysis of the CIBORIUS Group
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Individual security analysis: We build your customized security network

CIBORIUS builds a security network for each of its customers – and every network is different because every security requirement is different. That’s why we attach particular importance to smart planning in advance. Our experience helps us a lot, as does the close exchange with our customers. We also know that the best possible security can only be guaranteed if coordination, manpower and security technology interact perfectly.

The security analysis helps us to close security gaps right from the start, to plan customized measures and to develop a solution that works in the long term – and to work as cost-effectively as possible.

At a glance: Our measures in the area of security analysis

  • Assessment of the situation, including through risk assessment
  • Analysis of weak points and risks
  • Definition of action radii and prevention measures
  • Development of a closely coordinated concept
  • Safety training for your employees
  • Planning and implementation of fire protection measures and safety technology
  • Competence in dealing with safety standards, guidelines and applications
  • Customized concepts for individuals with protection needs
  • Security networks for service providers, wholesale, retail and industry
  • Transparent and recorded cooperation with protective forces such as the fire department, police, authorities and the company’s own security forces
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Our locations: Thanks to our security analysis, you know all your potential risks

We operate nationwide and have a team of experienced experts and consultants at each of our locations… also in your area.

FAQ – Security analysis: Frequently Asked Questions

What are the long-term benefits of regular safety analyses?

Long-term benefits of regular security analysis include risk reduction, cost savings through preventative measures, improved employee satisfaction and the creation of a safe and secure business environment. Continuous analysis also ensures adaptation to changing threats and security requirements.

How do you react to the results of a safety analysis?

The results serve as the basis for the implementation of comprehensive safety measures, training and continuous improvements. Monitoring is carried out through regular audits and log analyses in order to react appropriately to current threats.

Which areas does a holistic security analysis cover?

A comprehensive security analysis takes into account physical security, IT security, employee behaviour, emergency management, compliance requirements and other aspects. It provides the basis for customised security solutions that meet the individual needs of a company.

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