Mobile security service: You can rely on our operational readiness!

Our mobile security services not only offer protection, but also flexibility. They are indispensable, both as a supplementary and stand-alone instrument for securing companies, stores, offices, real estate or private households. Our teams are always ready for action and adapt to the changing requirements of your security situation.

Mobile security from the CIBORIUS Group
Certified quality

Maximum security guaranteed: Mobile security services in action

If you want to be on the safe side, you can increase the security of your buildings and areas with mobile security services. This is why the CIBORIUS security network also offers regular patrol services and patrols in defined zones. This effectively reduces the risk of incidents and unauthorized access to premises – simply by the presence of CIBORIUS security staff, as this acts as a deterrent. Experience has shown that the combination of stationary state-of-the-art security technology and our mobile security forces.

Suspicious cases are analyzed in real time in our own certified Emergency call and service control center and the previously agreed alarm and intervention plan is initiated. Our mobile security staff then access the site: they go to the source of the alarm and intervene if necessary. In this way, your properties and systems become part of the CIBORIUS security network and are optimally secured.

In addition to patrolling, the mobile security service also has the task of checking buildings and facilities as well as locking and unlocking buildings, rooms, production halls and warehouses.

At a glance: Effective methods of mobile security

  • Patrolling buildings and areas to deter and protect your properties and facilities
  • Mobile security solutions in combination with modern alarm tracking
  • Reporting and logging of damage and incidents
  • Locking services / checking and inspection of locking systems
  • Provision of personnel with special training and equipment (handcuffs, stab protection vest, gloves, baton (EKA), pepper spray, personal protective equipment (PPE))
  • Provision of rescue personnel and equipment (Sanipack backpack, first-aider equipment, defibrillator)

Personnel & technology: Highly trained, highly motivated – physically fit.

Object knowledge and vehicle control guarantee comprehensive safety

Our mobile teams not only master their vehicles and technology, but also know the objects to be patrolled, their neuralgic zones and special features. Necessary training courses are held regularly, as are specific briefings on the objects to be protected.

Networked security for self-protection & real-time overview

Our mobile teams are equipped with modern vehicles and the personal equipment of our employees is always state of the art. In our day-to-day work, we use We consistently use our state-of-the-art real-time guard control system. On-duty notifications are coordinated and monitored here, thus increasing lone worker protection, for example through a dead man’s switch that is manned around the clock. This also helps with the live monitoring and evaluation of tours.

Satisfied customers

Patrols with experienced security experts: maximum security, minimum costs, strong network.

Active support for stationary safety technology

Our mobile teams are always there when they are needed. As part of the CIBORIUS security network, stationary technology and agile patrol teams work closely together and intervene at lightning speed when necessary. Regular presence on site and personal monitoring have a preventive + deterrent effect and are therefore more effective than purely stationary technology alone.

Mobile security you can afford

We have a great deal of experience with patrols, patrols, inspection visits, etc. and are therefore very good at balancing cost and effect. Advantages for you? Security remains effective & affordable!

Our locations: Mobile security as a solution for your property

Whether high in the north or deep in the south, the use of agile teams is the solution even for remote properties and areas to be secured. Our motivated employees will be happy to inform you about the possibilities of mobile security.

FAQ – Mobile security: Frequently asked questions and answers

Which technologies are used in mobile security?

GPS tracking, surveillance cameras, mobile apps and communication systems are common technologies used to ensure efficient mobile security services. These support real-time monitoring, location tracking and rapid response. The CIBORIUS Group uses real-time monitor control systems as standard.

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