Personal & escort protection: Always ready – so that YOU can feel safe

We know how to recognize threats to life and limb at an early stage and prevent them if necessary. You can rely on it!

Personal protection from the CIBORIUS Group
Certified quality

Personal protection: a security measure with a sure instinct

There are many reasons for personal protection – be it a high profile, political stance, social status or a conflict-laden environment. We know from years of experience: Personal and escort protection is the security measure that requires the most sensitivity. And it is usually necessary when there is an immediate risk potential. CIBORIUS is the strong partner at your side, ready to protect you at all times.

This is because the police rarely provide personal protection for private individuals – and if they do, only in the case of threat level I. This means in the case of a specific threat and an identified potential attack on the person.

We at CIBORIUS are familiar with all common hazardous situations and will not let you down in a dangerous situation.

At a glance: Our measures in personal & escort protection

  • Comprehensive risk analysis
  • Tailor-made security solution for personal protection
  • Well-trained, experienced and loyal staff
  • Personal protection as required and with the least possible disruption to privacy and freedom of movement
  • Regular or one-off transportation services
  • Travel & tour support
  • Protection of athletes stationary or on tour

Planning & personnel: Tailor-made personal protection for every person in need of protection

Personal protection is always considered individually

Our security solutions are tailor-made and exactly what you need. Discreetly and professionally, we find the perfect level of closeness and freedom of movement. Behind every security measure is a strong CIBORIUS concept: together with you, we assess the risk, select our personnel accordingly and instruct them either to show a strong presence or to operate discreetly in the background. We also offer a fleet of elegant and armored vehicles – including a chauffeur service on request. We provide you with tried-and-tested drivers who undergo regular training, special driving safety courses and have practical experience.

More than “just” a bodyguard

Employees who take over your protection are among the most experienced, comprehensively trained and best-trained experts in the security industry. Your own qualities must be particularly broadly developed, because it is not enough to be fit and athletic, an overview, forward-thinking, decisiveness, responsiveness and mental strength are also a must. Bodyguards have weapons expertise, legal knowledge, are multilingual and can, of course, also handle various vehicles.

Satisfied customers

Our locations: Personal & escort protection

The protection of your health is of course not limited to our locations. On the contrary, we accompany & protect you everywhere, discreetly or present as required, before, during and after your appointments.

FAQ – Personal & escort protection: Frequently Asked Questions

What distinguishes CIBORIUS from other personal protection providers?

CIBORIUS not only offers experienced and comprehensively trained experts, but also customised solutions, flexibility and a strong security concept. Instead of offering 08/15 security, we adapt and act in the best interests and for the benefit of the person under our protection. Close – individual – cooperation right from the start makes all the difference.

What exactly does personal & escort protection cover?

Personal & escort protection includes comprehensive security measures, customised to individual needs, and ranges from discreet surveillance to ensuring personal safety. This also includes accompanying you to events or business appointments.

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