Document management: Protection against misuse and theft

Create, manage, design, delete – we take care of your entire document management, from the creation to the deletion of your data.

Document management of the CIBORIUS Group
Certified quality

Document management: Our measures

Business and customer data is particularly sensitive data, and not just since the GDPR. CIBORIUS offers standardized, efficient and secure document management to protect them from misuse and theft at all times and to ensure that all processes run smoothly. Our tried-and-tested system helps you with the processing, forwarding, archiving, transportation and professional disposal and deletion of sensitive documents, files, data and business mail. Thanks to GPS monitoring and the NFC and barcode-supported online guard monitoring system (OWKS), CIBORIUS courier trips can be tracked around the clock.

  • Handling files, data and documents of any kind
  • Confidential handling of data carriers
  • Archive management
  • Courier trips and deliveries
  • Establishment of in-house postal services and post offices

Tested quality: certified solutions for all your sensitive business data

Support from certified experts

Our handling of sensitive company data goes far beyond the legal requirements. In order to maintain our high safety standards and improve them whenever possible, we regularly have them audited internally and externally. The company CIBORIUS is DIN ISO 9001 and DIN 77200 tested.

We manage the entire life cycle of your data

For years, the CIBORIUS Group has consistently used a certified, award-winning document management system for all its own business data that has continuously grown to meet the requirements. We pass on the resulting advantages in terms of data protection compliance, minimization of effort, cost efficiency, time savings and our extensive experience in handling these systems to our customers in every project.

Satisfied customers

Our locations: Document management as an in-house solution

When it comes to sensitive topics such as business data, it is important to have a contact person with integrity. We are therefore happy to advise you both in our offices and at your premises. One call is all it takes.

Document management – FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

What data protection measures apply in the context of document management?

The CIBORIUS Group adheres strictly to data protection regulations, uses certified systems, encrypts data, relies on secure means of transport and thus guarantees the protection of sensitive information. Data protection is an integral part of our services and we guarantee the confidentiality of your data.

How does the CIBORIUS Group support document management?

We offer comprehensive advice, create customised concepts and process, archive, transport and dispose of sensitive documents in accordance with the highest security standards. Our services enable efficient and secure document management, from creation to secure destruction.

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