Investigation services: Informative clarification through thorough research.

In the event of accusations, personal and business relationships can be significantly impaired. CIBORIUS offers certainty and solutions for complex situations. We help our clients to create clarity and consistently follow up on suspicions.

Investigation services of the CIBORIUS Group
Certified quality

Certainty in uncertainty: we uncover theft and collect evidence

Suspicions can affect business and private relationships. CIBORIUS creates certainty: Our detectives use state-of-the-art technology and an extensive network to uncover material and intellectual theft, gain certainty and gather evidence for legal action. We observe, research and document meticulously so that the data can be used directly by courts and authorities. Thanks to our many years of experience, we know which requirements apply in court and structure our research accordingly – from the suspicious facts to the results report.

  • Observations in suspicious cases
  • Intensive & long-term (on-site) research
  • Verification of persons or employees
  • Logging and processing of the results

Personnel, technology & expertise: Our detectives – your specialists for legally compliant investigations using state-of-the-art technology

Consistently and with a sure instinct

CIBORIUS detectives are up to date, both in terms of technology and the law. Regular training and instruction at our own academy DASM helps us to operate perfectly in the sensitive area of investigation services.

Highly efficient technical equipment

In the world of private investigation services, technical aids play a central role in taking detective work to a new level. From covert cameras and GPS tracking devices to specialized forensic tools, the advanced equipment enables our detectives to gather precise information.

These technological tools enable our investigators to gather evidence discreetly and efficiently, solve complex cases and carry out comprehensive analyses. The use of state-of-the-art technology not only increases the effectiveness of investigative work, but also ensures accuracy and speed in resolving private matters.

Satisfied customers

Reliable results: Proven experience and in-depth understanding of the industry

Results you can rely on: We score with broad industry knowledge and the experience gained from dozens of successful customer projects

Attentive, sensitive and in love with detail

The use of investigation services is proving to be a cost-effective strategy for companies and private individuals. Specialized service providers enable flexible scaling of services according to demand and project requirements. Compared to internal investigation departments, companies not only save on fixed costs, but also gain access to expertise and state-of-the-art technology without long-term commitments. Investigation services thus offer a needs-based solution for making optimum use of resources and overcoming complex challenges.

Our locations: We provide investigation services nationwide

CIBORIUS investigation experts work from our branch offices throughout Germany and are very familiar with the regional particularities.

Investigation services – FAQ: Questions and answers

What methods do investigative services use to gather information?

Investigation services use various methods, including surveillance, undercover investigations, online searches, forensic analyses and the use of modern technologies such as surveillance cameras, GPS trackers and data analyses. References, case studies and accumulated experience provide opportunities for comparison and profiling. In addition, specialised industry experts are deployed in the investigation to suit the customer.

What types of cases do investigation services handle?

CIBORIUS Investigation Services offer expertise in a wide range of cases, including missing persons, fraud investigations, background checks, white collar crime and security analysis. The aim is, among other things, to proactively review suspicious cases in the business environment or on an ad hoc basis and to ensure clarity.

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