Quarter 2/2022

Quarter 2/2022
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Emergency call and service control centre (NSL) is now VdS-certified nationwide

In the second quarter of 2022, CIBORIUS has succeeded in completing the certification of its emergency call and service control centre (NSL) according to VdS 3138.

The CIBORIUS NSL system manages and documents alarms and is primarily responsible for the immediate response to emergency messages that precisely meet the requirements of the respective situation. Depending on the type of alarm, e.g. fire or burglary, a few seconds can make all the difference when it comes to saving lives, preventing crime and securing the future of entire sites.

Therefore, the professional application of NSL procedures and their recognition according to VdS 3138 is necessary.

To ensure the openness of the system and more precise networking, the IT specialists of our partner Security Robotics have specially developed ROI software (Robot Ontology Interface). This software integrates end devices, such as robots, sensors and cameras, as well as software such as the control centre software LISA from Dr. Pfau Fernwirktechnik, which is integrated in CIBORIUS, into a complete security system.

DIN 77200-2 and other certifications

As one of the first security service providers in Germany, CIBORIUS Security & Service Solutions Berlin GmbH has been certified in the extended area of DIN 77200.

DIN 77200-2 covers the extended requirements for special service areas and sets higher standards, for example for the area of security services for the protection of refugees and asylum accommodation (Chapter 8).

The CIBORIUS Group currently holds the following certificates:

  • DIN 77200 1
  • DIN 77200 2
  • ISO 9001:2015
  • ISO 14001:2015
  • VDS 3138 Emergency call and service control centre
  • VDS 2172 Intervention centres
  • AMS of the VBG

The CIBORIUS Group continuously optimises its processes, because quality means: you never stand still!

New customers of the CIBORIUS Group

CIBORIUS Security & Service Solutions Stuttgart GmbH:

  • Max Rubner Institute Karlsruhe
  • City of Kornwestheim | Leisure Park
  • Schwarz Group
  • Toom Baumarkt GmbH, REWE Group | Contract extension

CIBORIUS Security & Service Solutions Mannheim GmbH:

  • Toom Baumarkt GmbH, REWE Group | Contract extension
  • City of Mannheim | Contract extension
  • Polytan GmbH

CIBORIUS Security & Service Solutions Berlin GmbH:

  • Federal Ministry
  • DEKA Bank | Events nationwide
  • ISS Energy Services GmbH
  • State Office for Refugee Affairs| Contract extension
  • Lichtenberg District Office of Berlin| Contract extension
  • Senate Administration for Justice | District Court Frankfurt / Oder
  • Stiftung Berliner Leben| Contract extension
  • Max Bögl

CIBORIUS Security & Service Solutions Frankfurt am Main GmbH:

  • Langen Local Court
  • DB Sicherheit GmbH | Contract extension
  • McDonald`s Germany LLC
  • Joke Event AG
  • Event in Focus GmbH & Co.KG
  • Bingen Tourism & Congress GmbH
  • Town of Grävenwiesbach


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