CIBORIUS is your partner for security services. Take advantage of our tailored, all-round service with innovative and integrated solutions to protect you, your property and your facilities. CIBORIUS boasts loyal employees who are certified and trained beyond the industry standard. So you can leave any security concerns to us and focus on your core business.

Construction site guarding

Safe and secure construction sites are a must – both during the day and at night. CIBORIUS ensures that your construction site is secure – with monitoring of entrances and exits, patrols of outside areas and access control using personnel and state-of-the-art surveillance technology. Our work prevents theft and vandalism on the construction site.

Fire protection

To protect you and your property, facilities and assets against fire, we focus on prevention. The trained eyes of our security staff detect and eliminate sources of danger before they arise. You receive a tailor-made security concept that will improve the fire safety situation of your building and your entire facility.

Theft protection

To protect property and material assets, we rely on two pillars: Highly trained staff and state-of-the-art technology. CIBORIUS staff show their presence during patrols, which commonly prevent thieves or even catch them in the act. To ensure that your security network is as tightly knit as possible, we use state-of-the-art monitoring systems that communicate in real time with our own emergency and service control centre.

Document management

Business and customer data is particularly sensitive data, and not just since GDPR regulations came into force. To protect this data against fraud and theft at all times and to keep all processes running smoothly, CIBORIUS offers standardised, efficient and secure document management. Our proven system helps you process, forward, archive, transport and professionally dispose of and delete sensitive documents, files, data and business mail. Thanks to GPS monitoring and an online guard control system supported by barcodes and near-field communication (NFC), you can track CIBORIUS courier journeys around the clock.

Investigation services

The arousal of suspicions can lead to business and private relationships being damaged. CIBORIUS establishes certainty: our detectives work with state-of-the-art technology and are very well connected. They are able to uncover theft of material and intellectual property, clear up the facts and collect evidence to support legal action.

Refugee and asylum seeker accommodation

Protecting facilities that house refugees and asylum seekers, known as initial reception centres, is a unique challenge. CIBORIUS has been working successfully for years with a comprehensive service that makes life at these centres easier and more pleasant. As well as protecting property and possessions, CIBORIUS employs a holistic concept to ensure that everyone coexists peacefully. This includes a structured range of leisure activities for all ages and ethnic groups as well as activities for children and adolescents. Of course, our staff are trained to be culturally sensitive and have the foreign language skills necessary to communicate with the residents.

Contactless fever screening

Fever screening from a distance in a fraction of a second – CIBORIUS contactless fever screening devices measure the body temperature of up to five people simultaneously while maintaining a minimum safe distance. This way you can ensure that people showing fever symptoms are reliably detected before they enter the protected area and without personnel having to make close contact. Because fever is one of the most common symptoms of COVID-19. Our clients primarily use contactless fever screening to identify potential cases of a contagious illness within larger groups of people.

Mobile intruder alarm system

Quick, cost-effective and temporary – mobile wireless alarm systems from CIBORIUS are the perfect choice for short-term technical security. Our clients mainly use them for unfinished buildings in the interior construction and conversion phase, vacant buildings or underused offices and business premises. Of course, the mobile intruder alarm system is also suitable for private premises. The system is armed in just a few minutes and connected to CIBORIUS' own emergency and service control centre. Since it communicates autonomously via SIM (GSM), it does not depend on a local internet connection and reliably reports any unusual activity such as broken glass or smoke.

Mobile security

To be entirely on the safe side, you can increase the security of your buildings and premises with mobile security services. That's why the CIBORIUS security network also offers regular patrol services and checks of defined zones. The risk of incidents and unauthorised access to premises is thus effectively reduced – simply through the presence of CIBORIUS security personnel, which acts as an effective deterrent.

Emergency and service control centre

CIBORIUS's own emergency and service control centre works around the clock, seven days a week. It is staffed by specially trained employees who rapidly coordinate all appropriate response measures. As soon as an emergency, fire, malfunction or break-in is reported, CIBORIUS initiates the measures agreed with you in advance, keeping a thorough record of the actions taken.

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Property protection

CIBORIUS secures your facilities and buildings. We ensure that no unauthorised persons gain access to your properties or premises. Depending on the client's wishes, we provide a permanent or regular security presence and patrols. Experience shows: the presence of our personnel alone is a powerful deterrent. We protect both commercial and private premises.

Public transport

To help people get around in safety and comfort, security and orderly conduct are essential. CIBORIUS sees to this at bus and train stations, airports and ship terminals. Our personnel play an important role in rail travel, for example by conducting patrols on regional trains. Of course, freight must also arrive safely at its destination, which involves guarding duties at sensitive storage areas before it is loaded and after arrival.

Personal and escort protection

There are many reasons for requiring personal protection: a prominent business role, celebrity, a hostile environment, public office or political affiliation. CIBORIUS protects you with tailor-made security measures. Our experienced personnel work with a watchful eye, the utmost discretion and extensive training. We keep a professional distance so that you can focus on taking care of business.

Personal and baggage screening

Certain locations and events are subject to particularly high security requirements – airports, public authority buildings and major events are among them. In these settings, having the ability to screen large numbers of people and their bags is essential. CIBORIUS takes care of the personal and baggage screening with its certified security staff and state-of-the-art security technology.


With the CIBORIUS Robotics products, CIBORIUS is responding to changes in society and the security market to deliver solutions of the future today. For one thing, the need for 100% accurate machines for inspection and surveying is greater than ever before. The cutting-edge robots provided by CIBORIUS Robotics are able to perform these tasks with extreme endurance and precision, and their smart technology makes continuous quality improvements both possible and measurable.

Security analysis

A solid plan makes everyone's work easier and safer. That's why we analyse your individual security situation together with you and identify and perceive vulnerabilities. This gives us a detailed picture of the local conditions and enables us to accurately assess the technical and staff requirements. The analysis enables us to offer you tailor-made security services that fit both your requirements and your budget.

Security technology

CIBORIUS offers a wide range of innovative security technology. From mobile intruder alarm systems to camera-assisted contactless fever screening and surveillance camera systems, CIBORIUS is always at the cutting edge of technology. Find out more about video surveillance towers, mobile camera towers and state-of-the-art Security Robotics.

Event security

CIBORIUS takes care of security and orderly conduct at your event. Wherever crowds gather, for example at concerts and major sporting events with media coverage, we make sure that no conflicts arise. And in case tempers do flare, our personnel are well trained to quickly diffuse the situation. We thoroughly plan our event security and use staff with many years of experience. With CIBORIUS on site, the crew, participants, performers and guests will all stay safe.

Remote video monitoring

Nothing can replace human security personnel – but the right technology can complement them. With the combination of security staff and CIBORIUS remote video monitoring, we provide virtually seamless surveillance seven days a week, around the clock. This enables us to respond as quickly as possible if there is an imminent threat of crime on your premises or in your building.

Industrial plant protection

Plant protection prevents vandalism and theft in and around your industrial facilities. With this special form of property protection, we secure properties and plants – or more precisely, all building zones, technical systems and equipment. We protect them against sabotage, destruction and theft with plant inspections, access controls and, if necessary and appropriate, state-of-the-art surveillance technology. We can also deploy dog handlers or armed personnel. This has proven particularly effective in sensitive sectors such as the chemical industry.

Entry checks

A watchful eye is especially important at entrances. These typically sensitive areas are often the first thing that clients, guests and colleagues see of your company. Here, both a confident manner and a good sense of tact are important. Thanks to many years of experience in personal checks, entry checks and visitor management, the services of CIBORIUS are in demand wherever access is strictly regulated, for example in banks, judicial facilities, logistics centres, data centres and stock exchanges.

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