Emergency and service control centre

This is where all the threads come together: at the CIBORIUS emergency and service control centre, emergency calls, malfunctions, fire and intruder alarms are received, processed and immediately forwarded – around the clock and seven days a week. To knit the CIBORIUS security network even tighter, we decided in 2017 to build this crucial hub for ourselves. Today, our state-of-the-art, professional communications centre with its highly trained staff handles up to several thousand reports per day from all over Germany.

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CIBORIUS Notruf- und Service Leitstelle (NSL)
Die Notruf- und Service Leitstelle (NSL) überwacht bundesweit mit modernster Technik Brandmelde- Überfall- und Einbruchmeldeanlagen an den Schutzobjekten der Kunden. Die NSL ist 24 Stunden erreichbar und kann bei einer Alarmierung individuell reagieren. Bei Eingang eines Alarms muß es schnell gehen. Die eingegangene Nachricht wird entweder an die Polizei gesendet oder es wird eine Alarmverfolgung durch CIBORIUS Interventionsfahrer gestartet.

CIBORIUS employees receive alerts and calls and intervene according to the action plan that we have agreed with our clients in advance. On-site video surveillance can also be linked to our control centre, which allows our operators to directly address intruders or suspicious persons. This can often lead to potential crimes being averted. What's more, the control centre secures evidence and prepares it for use in court.

CIBORIUS employs specialist control centre operators who have been trained by VdS Schadenverhütung GmbH to respond with confidence and a cool head in tense situations. CIBORIUS relies on state-of-the-art surveillance technology. Of course, our robotics and other intelligent support systems such as drones and video surveillance towers are also connected to the emergency and service control centre, where they reliably report suspicious incidents.

Download the flyer for the CIBORIUS emergency and service control centre here.

Measures in place at our control centre include:

  • Around-the-clock monitoring, seven days a week
  • Effective handling of locations all over Germany
  • Experience in cooperation with police and fire brigade
  • Specially trained intervention personnel
  • Receipt and handling of incident reports, fire reports, emergency calls, intruder alarms and other incidents
  • Strict alarm and intervention plan
  • Comprehensive logging of incidents and actions taken

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